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7 min readJun 21, 2022


JustMoney is building an innovative ecosystem of interoperable applications at the cutting edge of decentralized finance and Web3.

Project Goal

To encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and stimulate the use of cryptocurrency for everyday payments, JustMoney has released a cryptocurrency payment gateway, which has four options to make it easier for businesses and individuals to accept payments with cryptocurrencies:

  • Checkout for e-commerce platforms — online vendors may extend their e-commerce platform (Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento) by installing our easy-to-use plugin.
  • Mobile Payment Terminal — Shop owners and other businesses can accept face-to-face payments, using a smartphone or tablet as a payment terminal.
  • Donations — charities, open-source projects, and other fundraisers may embed a small snippet of code on their website to instantly accept crypto donations.
  • Payment Links — split restaurant bills with friends or request money for any reason by sending your friends and family simple payment request links.

Project info and details:


From the beginning of the project, one year ago, it was JustMoney’s goal to develop a payment system which would allow the user to purchase goods and services online, and to facilitate the purchase without the vendor needing to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

The concept was to create a system where the user could choose from a large selection of coins or tokens and make payments to companies who only needed to accept one stable coin (for example, the user could spend TRX or BTT and pay a vendor who only accepts USDT). The original plan was to use established, third-party exchanges to do the conversion.

However, after finding issues with many exchanges (such as pools which bled liquidity for taxed tokens), we were then compelled to create our own multi-chain, and recently cross-chain, decentralized exchange. Not a fork of some other famous DEX; rather JustMoney Swap was built from the ground up to solve the problems that affected other existing decentralized exchanges at that time.

JustMoney — a cross chain decentralized swap and on-chain Web3 payment gateway:

JustMoney Swap and JustMoney Pay can be seen as two sides of the same coin. Both are products in their own right, but the two are completely intertwined and symbiotic — each benefitting hugely from the other. This demonstrates our commitment to deliver synergy and interoperability at the heart of our ecosystem; where our powerful core infrastructure stands as the foundation upon which all our other products are built. Multi-chain and cross-chain transactions have become part of our DNA. People can now choose tokens on Tron, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks to swap or pay. JustMoney Pay will calculate the exact amount of USDT the vendor requires to complete a given transaction, and will inform the purchaser of the cost of this transaction in their chosen preferred cryptocurrency, before securely completing the transaction through our existing liquidity pools.

No centralized parties are involved as middle-men — only smart contracts are dealing with the transaction between an user and a merchant.

What has been achieved so far

JustMoney’s payment gateway, JustMoney Pay, launched in June, 2022, and is already live on our first partner’s website —

Payment Interface

Millions of PayPal users worldwide are familiar with being redirected from a vendor’s website to the Paypal payment interface.

In a similar style, JustMoney Pay users are redirected from a vendor’s website to our own highly-scalable, completely secure and easy-to-use payment interface after choosing JustMoney Pay as their preferred payment method. Here, they may select the blockchain network they wish to use, choose which token to pay with, connect their wallet, and authorize the transaction. Unlike the traditional payment gateways, we do not make money by holding the vendor’s or the purchaser’s funds on our own account for extended periods of time. Instead the payment happens on-chain and it happens instantaneously, releasing the order for immediate processing. Instant clearing.

Payment interface for end-user is simple and clean

Mobile Payment terminal

This product is designed for shop owners and other businesses who are dealing with customers face-to-face. By using a smartphone or tablet as a payment terminal, they can now easily accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

The retail interface requires the shop owner to input the amount that the customer needs to pay. It will then generate a QR code that the shop owner shows to the customer.

The customer then scans the QR code using the barcode scanner of their mobile crypto wallet (e.g. the Tronlink Pro or Metamask app) and they will be taken to the payment interface to authorize and complete the transaction.

After the payment is finalized and confirmed on the blockchain, the shop owner will see a message on their payment terminal that the transaction was successful. The terminal will then be available for the shop owner to process the next customer.

E-commerce checkout

The e-commerce checkout is an easy to install and easy to use plugin that any merchant can implement in their web-store, in order to immediately start accepting crypto payments.

We have already built a plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and we are now working on creating plugins for Magento and Shopify as well. By 2021 estimates, around 15 million online vendors use one of these three platforms to accept online payments. Once all three plugins are completed, this would give those 15 million vendors the option to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method on their stores, giving countless numbers of customers the option to pay using cryptocurrency as a day-to-day alternative to FIAT cash. has already added our plugin on their WooCommerce site and anyone can now go and purchase any products there and choose JustMoney Pay as the payment provider.

This is how JustMoney Pay plugin looks like for the end-user on WooCommerce on a checkout page
On the WooCommerce’s admin side the setup is simple. Merchant just needs to add their wallet addresses and enable the plugin and they are ready to go

We have also created an API integration for those who want to do a custom integration. You can find the API documentation from

You can also find the instructions for WooCommerce integration at the same link. The repository for the plugin can be found in

Payment Links

This works similar to the Mobile Payment Terminal but is more targeted for personal users who wish to request a one-time payment, by creating a web-link and sharing it with the person paying.

Some usage examples:

  • A person sells an item on the internet. They send the payment link to the buyer and wait until payment is confirmed before dispatching the item.
  • Someone is owed money and sends a payment link to request it.
  • Someone pays a bill in a restaurant and shares the cost with the other diners by sending a payment link.


This allows any website to accept cryptocurrency donations. Whether it’s an open-source code project, a charity or any other cause, it allows the project to accept donations in USDT from donors who can make the donation in one of the wide range of coins or tokens listed on JustMoney Swap.

The organization embeds a small snippet of code onto their website, along with their destination wallet addresses, and it will render a button like the one shown (above on the right). When a visitor clicks the button, it will open a small popup window (shown above on the left) where the visitor can input the amount to donate and click the “go to payment” button. They will then be taken to the payment interface to complete the transaction which is sent directly to the project’s defined wallets.

The colors of the button can easily be customized to match the branding of the page.

Instructions and documentation can be found at

You can find a demo of the donation button on our website.


We have also come up with a fresh-looking marketing site for JustMoney Pay where we have an introductory video and all the needed information for merchants and users to start using this product. You will also see a test module at the bottom where users can explore the tokens and networks that can be used.

You can also test how the donation button works.

Our website for JustMoney Pay (
Check the introduction video about e-commerce integration made by Line Hammett

You can test the payment interface in demo mode on our website and also you can find a demo of the donation button there.

In addition, you can just start using Payment Links and Mobile Payment Terminal straight away on our site without any need to register.

These products are JustMoney’s first contribution to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and we will keep working hard to expand and improve our payment ecosystem.

One-click Buy Button:

Wallet agnostic shopping app designed to speed-up purchases.
An universal ledger linking wallet addresses with shipping addresses.

JM Marketplace:

A shopping marketplace where goods can be bought or sold, where any token listed on JustMoney Swap could be used as payment.

We can expect the road to mass adoption to be long, and no-doubt the path will be strewn with pitfalls. JustMoney intends to be there every step of the way, working closely with our friends and partners. We know we can make it — together!