Product release — JustMoney Pay

Project Goal

  • Checkout for e-commerce platforms — online vendors may extend their e-commerce platform (Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento) by installing our easy-to-use plugin.
  • Mobile Payment Terminal — Shop owners and other businesses can accept face-to-face payments, using a smartphone or tablet as a payment terminal.
  • Donations — charities, open-source projects, and other fundraisers may embed a small snippet of code on their website to instantly accept crypto donations.
  • Payment Links — split restaurant bills with friends or request money for any reason by sending your friends and family simple payment request links.

Project info and details:

What has been achieved so far

Payment interface for end-user is simple and clean
This is how JustMoney Pay plugin looks like for the end-user on WooCommerce on a checkout page
On the WooCommerce’s admin side the setup is simple. Merchant just needs to add their wallet addresses and enable the plugin and they are ready to go
  • A person sells an item on the internet. They send the payment link to the buyer and wait until payment is confirmed before dispatching the item.
  • Someone is owed money and sends a payment link to request it.
  • Someone pays a bill in a restaurant and shares the cost with the other diners by sending a payment link.
Our website for JustMoney Pay (
Check the introduction video about e-commerce integration made by Line Hammett



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